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Responsibilities & Standard service charges for Residential Building Plan

Owner peace and proper market growth is important for building planning or designing services.

A residential building or house is an important civil engineering structure. House is a very necessary need for every human being it is the third of the three basic things.

6 Key Responsibility of planner for building planning:

The planner (Civil engineers and architects) have to do the job very perfectly because it will not be built over and over again. In most cases, people build only one building for themselves and their families.

  • Create a draft plan and work-order according to standard service charge after understanding the needs of the owner,

  • Building plan should be done as per standard Bye Laws, i.e.- West Bengal municipal building rule 2007 for WB

  • It should be planned by a registered architect or a registered civil engineer,

  • The residential building should be beautiful or structurally rigid enough for use,

  • The engineer has to supervise the site to see if the construction is going according to plan.

Message to Civil Engineer: About Market & Service charge:

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