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Make an Residential building Estimation/BOQ within few step

It takes a lot of materials for construction work, but I will teach you how to easily you calculate the general materials for building a building.


What is BOQ?

BOQ = Bill of Quantity, It is the one type of building estimate

This type of estimate shows the Probable Quantity of items work with schedule rates and total Construction Cost required to complete the proposed work.

Why BOQ Required?

  • A short idea about the Material and Cost required.

  • Due to the Shortage of Material and Fund work has stopped.

  • Construction work runs in a proper way.

  • Estimates are required in order to obtain administrative approval, Technical sanction & allotment of funds.

Make an Approximate Building estimate (BOQ) with a few steps

Use of TOOL NO. 2: Building estimation using necessary data,

Tutorial No - 1

Tutorial No - 2

Differents types of Building estimates use in Construction field?

  • Details Estimate

  • Bill of Quantity

  • Revised Estimate

  • Supplementary Estimate

  • (Revised Estimate + Supplementary Estimate)

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